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About Our Puppies

All of our puppies are reared indoors, they are born in the living room at the heart of the home and they live with us as part of our family as do all of our dogs. Mum is free to spend as little or as much time as she wishes with her pups, our dogs have such fabulous temperaments that they will even help each other, Dico also loves to play with puppies.


Mum does just about everything for the first couple of weeks, at two weeks of age the puppies receive their first worming treatment with Dronatal. I keep a very close eye on mum and pups and handle the pups daily to see how each puppy is developing and even if they are all the same colour I soon learn who each individual puppy is. Now is the time that their eyes will start to open.


Between 2 - 3 weeks they will also naturally not want to soil their bed, when the puppies start showing signs of 'being clean' we move them into the kitchen into their 'Crufts Freedom Puppy Pen' they have a bed area and a toilet area. It is important that they are given the opportunity to be clean, this is the first stage of house training, puppies who are not given this opportunity will not learn to be clean.


At 21 days old the puppies senses all come alive and they will start to become aware of their surroundings, the radio is played to that they hear different sounds, the Maytag washing machine and tumble drier is often on the go too so they hear lots of sounds. Over the next couple of weeks they start to play with thier siblings. At this young age puppies spend most of their time sleeping but I ensure that they also have toys to play with as well as each other. Over the following week they become more active and at 5 ~ 6 wks they will start to adventure around the kitchen.  At 6 ~ 8 weeks they are playing in the living room, kitchen and conservatory and also going onto the next stage of house training and going outside to toilet.  

They will interact with our other dogs and our cats. Our puppies live in our home as part of the family. They have listened to the television, hoover, washing machine, tumble dryer and the radio from 21days when they first started to hear, this will all serve to improve their confidence and individual characters. Our house is very busy so they see lots of different people and young children. I look after my young grandchildren three days a week and more if we can so the puppies are also raised with young respectful children which is marvelous for their socialising and helps immensely for potential puppy parents with children.


Weaning starts at about 4 weeks old when the pups show an interest in their mums dinner, they are not seperated from their mum but they are introduced to solid food, mum spends as much time with her pups as she wishes, she will play with them and also teach them manners. My puppies are reared naturally on raw meat exactly as nature intended, we buy the best money can buy and that is PP Raw Dog Food.  or Natural Instinct .They start with small balls of raw minced beef and then they progress to PP or NI and are also gradually introduced to rabbit, tripe, fish and then chicken on the bone and meaty rib bones

Read more about our choice of natural diet here.


We start to have prospective new puppy owners visit from 4 wks of age


The rearing of puppies is extremely rewarding but also involves a lot of hard work, how a puppy is reared is very important for his development as an adult dog, what he learns in his first 16wks he will never forget. For a full explanation please click here

The Five Critical Stages of Development                                                 


No-one leaves our home with just a puppy, Our puppies are reared indoors and live with us in the heart of our home, handled from birth, well socialised, regularly wormed with a veterinary brand of wormer, micro-chipped, they leave home with first vaccination given, you will receive an extensive puppy pack including a copy of 'The Perfect Puppy' by Gwen Bailey. All of our puppies also leave home with a blanket or a soft doggy toy who has been named by the CreamofBritish puppy community as Bonky, he is a substitute for the siblings that your puppy will miss and a reminder of home. Some of our puppies are 6 yrs old and still look after thier Bonky. You will be given a lifetime of support, you will be asked to sign a contract to agree to contact us if your circumstances change and you are no longer able to keep your dog, we will always take him back.

We only take a deposit when puppies are born, a deposit is to secure a puppy, if you or I are not happy when you visit your deposit will be refunded. We are very particular about where our puppies go, it is very important to us to choose the right people, as it should be to you where you get your puppy from, vetting is a part of this relationship.




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