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Cersei ~ 'CreamofBritish Game Of Tones'

Cersei is a beautiful girl, I'm glad she's through the puppy stage though as she was quite a rambunctious pup as were her siblings but that's because they're intellegent and keen to learn, she has a very steady personality.

The photo above was taken on her first birthday when I decided to give her a big girls haircut, she's not the easiest person to get a decent photo of despite the fact that she stands beautifully as her patterns throw your eye, she actually has great conformation, heavy bone, a nice strong head with a good stop, deep chest and a perfect tail set.


Cersei carries Phantom, Chocolate & Parti we look forward to seeing her puppies in the future.





Cersei one year Cersei9thsept17

Cersei ~ 'CreamofBritish Game Of Tones'

Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle

Medium 19''  

Slate Merle

Non Shedding Fleece Coat

BVA Hip Score ~ 6 : 5

BVA Elbow Score ~ 0

VWD ~ Clear

Prcd PRA ~ Clear

IC Gene ~ Pending



Australian labradoodle Cersei