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Dico    'CreamofBritish Take That'


Dico ~ 'CreamofBritish Take That'  is a Blue Merle, you either love it or hate it, personally I love it with a passion and as my welcome page says "Driven by passion, breeding with pride"  If you don't like it that's fine by me because I breed what I love and what I want to live with and in a transparent manner, I am in no hurry either, I am going nowhere, it takes time to breed a type and I am getting there slowly by breeding the best to the best and above all only breeding dogs with superb temperaments and excellent health records. I personally think that a Labradoodle should look like a Labradoodle, rather than have to question whether it is a Poodle, I adore my Poodles and I would never be without them but they are a fabulous breed of their own. I am breeding my own line of Australian Labradoodles that people will see at a glance that it is in fact a Labradoodle and the reason I introduced the Merle pattern was so that they would then say "Oh it is a CreamofBritish Labradoodle" and just because I love different patterns and colours.


Dico also has also got quite a following in the grooming world, after taking part in Mastergroom 2014 & 2015 with my grooming friend

and his biggest fan Sue Pratt, he loves Sue, she is a fantastic groomer in fact I would call her an artist.




This sweet little girl on the right is Zoe

she is a Pure ASD ALF 5 Generation

with all Tegan Park breeding but she

could just as easily be a Miniature Poodle,

look at her delicate little feet, fine bone

and tight wool coat.

Next photo is Hedley my Miniature Poodle

boy. I don't breed Miniature Australian

Labradoodles anymore because I love big

dogs and I love my Miniature Poodles.





Dico has great conformation which has given him excellent health records due to his correct structure, he stands four square naturally and he can turn on a sixpence, he is big boned with lovely bear type feet. He has a nice broad well defined, sculptured head, large round eyes, set far apart giving a well defined stop/forehead and a wide muzzle and he has a fabulous saber tail and fabulous fleece coat.

Above and beyond all the above though, he has the most fantastic temperament so gentle and kind with our little grand daughter

'CreamofBritish Take That'


tpzoe P5100040

'CreamofBritish Take That'

Australian Labradoodle

Small Standard Blue Merle Fleece Coat

Height 21"

BVA Hips ~ 6 : 5

BVA Elbows ~ 0

Optigen prcd PRA/ CEA/CH ~ Clear

VWD ~ Clear

CL ~ Clear

TNS ~ Normal

Current Clear Eye Cert

The Merle gene is NOT naturally occuring in Poodles or Cockers, any Labradoodles with the Merle pattern have an infusion of a different breed somewhere in their history no matter who bred them. Breeds who are Merle include Collies, Australian Shepherds, Welsh Corgi and Dachshund (Dapple) It is worth noteing that Corgi's and Dachshund's are both Achondroplastic (short legged breeds) Achondroplasia is an hereditary autosomal dominant gene ~  It only needs one parent with the gene to produce it and re-produce it will !!.


You can see the perfect example of an Achondroplastic 'Poodle x Dachshund' Layla in the photo on the right, click on the photo and follow the link to find the same photo. So beware and do your research!!

Dico030813 Dico030813x Binky030813 frankeemerle'sasinger frankeefowlplay Frankeeindianabones frankeefowlplay2 Australian Labradoodle Bert 5 CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodle Baxter CreamofBritish Chocolate Merle Australian Labradoo CreamofBritish Chocolate Australian Labradoodle Pu CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodle puppy Indi

Below are some of Dico's kids

layla31704_03 woodybluemerle dico2 Australian Labradoodle