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All of our dogs are fully health tested before breeding, as a minimum requirement our dogs are hip & elbow scored, eyes are tested annually and Optigen tested for Prcd PRA. Health testing is expensive but very necessary, we are gradually increasing our testing programme to include Von Willebrand's Disease VWD, Canine Brucellosis etc and will continue to improve our testing programme as other conditions become relevent and testing available.

I do believe that it is important to look at the whole picture though, I strongly believe in rearing my puppies and dogs naturally they are fed a natural diet, exercised daily and I do not over vaccinate my dogs or pump them full of chemicals to prevent parasites.

Please visit my Diet Page to learn more about how we feed our dogs. At CreamofBritish we feed 'Proper Dog Food' 


The Vaccination Debate.... Are annual boosters necessary ??


Much research is now being done as to whether yearly boosters are actually necessary, myself and many friends have never given our dogs boosters we believe that they are totally unnecessary for our animals and are responsible for auto-immune disorders, transient infections, skin problems, behavioural problems, epilepsy, thyroid disease, allergies and possibly cancer.

Quite simply we give our children vaccines as babies but we do not continue to vaccinate them every year of their life, why not? because it is not necessary. So why do people do it to their pets? because the vet sends you a card every year "Don't forget Boris is due for his booster"

With the average cost of a booster being £35 and approximately 13m dogs and cats in the country it's an industry worth tens of millions of pounds.




Who am I to advise you, no-one special, just me but I don't want your £35, or collectively your millions, I just want dogs to live long healthy lives again but I am not alone, many people share my beliefs, vets are now warning the pharmaceutical industry and their own profession about the issue, listen to the experts above and read the Revised Vaccine Guidelines from the World Small Animal Veterinary Association. Some breeds are predisposed to vaccine reactions too and the Standard Poodle is one of them.  Vaccination Protocols For Dogs Predisposed To Vaccine Reactions


Many of you will of heard the name Catherine O'Driscoll, she has written several books about the issue of over vaccinating 'What Vets Don't Tell You About Vaccines' When the book was first published in 1997, vets around the world were advising pet owners to vaccinate their friends against disease every year, now they are not so sure.


An excert from Catherines' book by my friend Jane Whiteley, Admirari :

"My German Shepherd bitch Bliss was a completely healthy puppy in every way until she was innoculated, after which she developed ear infections and a very sparse itchy coat and skin requiring constant veterinary treatment. She seemed to grow out of it when she was approximately a year old. Her brother Luther who belongs to a friend developed identical symptoms but if anything they were worse.

At 14months both Bliss & Luther had their boosters, within a month both dogs went down with the same itchy hypersensitive skin and ear infections. We also had a job to keep weight on both of them even thought their appetites were good and their stools were perfectly normal.

It goes without saying that she never had another booster!"

It was my friend Jane who prompted me to feed natural after the death of my boy Flynt, I thank you Janey, Doodee xxxx



Canine Health Concern CHC was formed in 1994 by Catherine O'Driscoll, after two of her beautiful young Golden Retrievers - Oliver and Prudence - tragically died.  She asked, 'why?', and the answers that came back were sufficiently disturbing to make her feel that independent research was necessary - free from commercial bias.  Catherine was sent scientific papers which told her that commercial pet food was nutritionally inadequate, and that many deficiency diseases are the direct result of poor feeding.  She also learnt that the annual boosters we give to our pets each year, in the belief that we are protecting them from disease, are actually the largest cause of ill health in our pets today.

CHC advocates real food for dogs.  That is, food that Mother Nature has designed, over millions of years, and which has made the species thrive for millions of years.  Members of CHC who have reverted to a CHC-recommended natural diet have seen illnesses disappear and vet bills plummet.   Our diet survey showed an 85 per cent drop in the number of veterinary visits once dogs were changed to real food.


                               Visit the Canine Health Concern website and find out more, In Search Of The Truth About Dogs.


One of the main reasons many people booster their dogs is for putting them into boarding kennels but there are other options available now, you could always have a Pet Sitter look after your dog in your own home. There are kennels who will accept dogs who are un-innoculated but they are boarded at the owners risk. My very dear friend Janet owns her own boarding kennels in Devon and my dogs regularly holiday there with me and we have never experienced a problem. All of Janets own dogs are homeopathically innoculated, this is what Janet has to say about vaccines....

"The subject of vaccination is as complicated and emotive in animals as it is in children but my view is as follows. It has long been my opinion that animals are innoculated too often. There are too many coincidental medical conditions that occur suspiciously close to an animal having their booster, mainly associated with the immune system. my own animals are innoculated homeopathically & I have no objection to boarding animals that are innoculated in that way. If it is your choice to have the Kennel Cough vaccination administered to your dogs, please make sure that it is done at least three weeks before the dogs come to the kennels as the live vaccine that is given can spread around the other dogs like wild fire.

Our dogs are either immune or not, giving them a booster every year will not make them more immune.

I have been doing my own research and learning about Homeopathic remedies for

dogs, on my path to educate myself I came across the most inspiring lady

Juliette de Bairacli Levy, how I wish I could have had the pleasure to meet this

wonderful lady, she certainly did leave a legacy and will continue to help animals live

healthy lives long after her own death.





















                                                        Juliette de Bairacli Levy

                                           November 11th 1912 - May 28th, 2009

The late Juliette de  Bairacli Levy is a world renowned herbalist, author, breeder of

Afghan Hounds under the affix Turkuman all reared on a natural diet, friend of the

Gypsies, traveller in search of herbal wisdom, and the pioneer of holistic veterinary

medicine. Juliette has a long record of spectacular cures to her credit and the books

she has written have been a vital inspiration for the present day herbal renaissance.



Sat watching her delightful dvd with my friend curled up on the sofa with our dogs,

one of the unforgettable things that she recalled was how the bee keepers not content

with taking the honey were now brushing the pollen from their legs, which was done

with such little care that they would brush away the bees legs along with the pollen.

Whilst watching her nurture her plants on the Greek island you hear gun shots as they

kill the song birds.

In the words of Juliette  "I would say to all dog owners whose prejudices are aroused

by my opinions and my ideas, or even my literary style, please ignore me, it is not what

you think that matters - it is your dog."

What about when I go on holiday?

Homeopathic Remedies

Gypsy Lane

by Juliette de Bairacli Levy


You shall die, and I shall die!

Take our places in the sky.

You and she, and he and I,

When the time comes, all must die.

That's a game we would play,

Man and woman, girl and lad,

In gypsy camps far away,

Laughing times, yet passing sad.


Poppy crowns for everyone,

Red rose for the fairest one.

We would shout, King Death to come,

Laughing loudly, turn and run.

Then more the cry! Who will die?

Nor he, nor she, and not I,

Want that fearful power to fly.


We would pass the hours that way,

Bed with Gypsies by cool streams,

Golden days of dance and play,

Harp and flute and tambourines.

But poppy crowns droop and fade,

Feet grow weary, hearts afraid.

Time kills all in Gypsy Glade,

Flower and tree, man and maid.


Gone the Gypsies, every one,

All who played the Gypsy game,

Left the earth, its mirth and fun,

Starry nights and hyacinth lane.

None can play that game alone,

Thus I want to hear the cry,

Come now! Leave thy earthy home,

Join the Gypsies in the sky.



I would say to all dog owners whose prejudices are aroused by my opinions and my ideas, or even my literary style , please ignore me, it is not what you think that matters - it is your dog."

It seemed so completely wrong, this acceptance of inevitable disease: why should all domestic animals, as well as human children, be so afflicted with disease, while other creatures - for example, wild birds - remain almost totally immune ? Surely the root cause lay in the hands of man ? Man caused disease, inflicted this unnatural state upon everything which came under his unhappy domination, from animal to plant.

The 'Secrets of Nature' are known to all wild creatures and on these they thrive

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