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Diet -  Why Feed Raw ?

The dog is a carnivore, if you have a dog call him over and roll back his top lip, do you see those four big canine teeth ? they are designed not as can openers or to rip open a brighly coloured bag but to tear flesh from bones. Now sit and eat four digestive biscuits and see how your teeth feel afterwards, don't pick those annoying bits out of your gaps and do not brush your teeth, can you imagine how that feels ? just think what that will do to your teeth. I bet you also want a drink after eating those dry biscuits, try eating a diet of just digestive biscuits for a few days and see how you feel, not to mention what your poo looks like, now consider a diet of degestive biscuits for a lifetime with no toothbrush.


You see it on adverts now "Give your dog Pedigree Dentistix, did you know 1 in 4 dogs suffer from gum disease"?

Yes I do know that, because approximately 1 in 4 dogs are fed kibble

Never mind giving them more processed rubbish !! give your dog a bone ~ he will love you for it.  


Dogs who are fed raw meat and bones generally don't have teeth problems, the bones clean their teeth naturally, all of my dogs have beautiful pearly white teeth, I don't brush them with a toothbrush, the bones remove any plaque. Kibble/complete foods stick to dogs teeth just like a digestive biscuit would stick to your teeth and it rots them away, if you feed complete food does your dog have pearly white teeth ?


It's not just about teeth either, what about what goes into complete foods, think about it for a second, in the human food chain they mechanically recover the very last bit of protien from animals heads, feet, connective tissue and bones, do you really believe that if a bag says Chicken it actually contains much chicken ? Have a read of this page all about the ingredients contained in complete foods A Dogs Dinner by Alison Frost


My past puppy parents who are part of the extended family of CreamofBritish wanted to contribute to this page with their own opinions/experience of 'why dogs should eat raw food'

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One of the best parts of having Debbie as a breeder is her knowledge on food. My first doodle was fed on middle of the road kibble from a well-known pet shop.  When I got my second doodle from Debbie she pointed me in the direction of raw feeding, something I knew nothing about but with guidanec I now feed all my 3 labradoodles raw food. This can be anything from minced chicken, lamb, beef, tripe, chicken wings/necks and duck necks, as well as tuna, sardines, eggs, steamed veggies.  It is an oh so easy way to feed and it is not messy at all. The benefits are fantastic; healthy dogs, healthy teeth, fresh doggy breath, no nasty wind issues, glossy coats, great skin, easy and small poos to collect is cheaper to feed than most pet food processed bags.  Raw feeding is absolutely the way to feed dogs and I promote it to everyone I meet.


Johanne Irons, Manchester

CreamofBritish Maximum Impact & CreamofBritish Nirvana's Anika

Debs I don't know if I told you this but when we first came here it was midnight when we arrived, our lorry was coming the next day and we used up all our stuffed kongs we'd brought for the 3 day journey. For breakfast the next day we gave our lot Friskies (which they were feeding in the kennels at the time!) thinking 1 meal won't hurt much - 3 of our dogs has mild seizures that night! Stanley was sleeping on the bed and I wondered about why he was dreaming so hard - he wasn't _ he was fitting!!! They're so not used to the crap in shit food it made them ill straight away!!!


Donna Saunders & Nando Brown, Spain

CreamofBritish Lil Stan & CreamofBritish Well Spotted

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I'm not going to bore you by telling you how WRONG Commercial Food is for your Pets but I will hopefully engage you with some facts about raw feeding that 40 years of experience has given me.

Over many years I have owned bred and shown a Variety of Breeds of Dogs with great success.Iv'e bred Champions and a Crufts Best of Breed and Reserve Best of Breed ( no mean feat ) Without exception all my Dogs from my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels to my Miniature Bull Terriers,Staffordshire Bull Terrier and GSDs and now my Show winning British Shorthair Cats have all been fed raw as Nature intended. I currently own 3 Miniature Poodles and an elderly Cavalier.

The facts speak for themselves :

My Dogs live LONG lives.

My Dogs have NEVER had Auto Immune problems

My Dogs DON'T visit the Vets ( my Vets wouldn't even know the name of my Dogs )

My Dogs have NEVER had Diabetes

My Dogs have NEVER had Cancer

My Dogs have NEVER had Skin problems ( No,not even my White Bull Terriers )

My Dogs have NEVER had Dental problems ( my 13 and a half year old Cavalier still manages raw chicken wings )

My Dogs DON'T suffer bad breath

My Dogs DON'T deposit wet,brown sludge ( for children to step into )

All of the above are common health problems being treated by Vets today that are on the increase since Commercial feeding was introduced ...    My Dogs/Cats don't ever get those problems so I don't get Vet Bills !!!!!  " YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT "

My Dogs LOVE the food that Nature intended them to eat and as a result look better,feel better and I hand on heart know that I'm doing my absolute best for them and isn't that what it's all about !


Jane Whiteley, Portsmouth,  ADMIRARI DOGS AND CATS ( my Affix/Prefix registered with The Kennel Club,The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy and The International Cat Association )

My very dear friend  of many years and fellow Poodle lover