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Doris  'CreamofBritish Fifi Forget Me Not'

What can I say about Doris.....she is just amazing, I call her Dordling Doris cos she ambles about taking everything in her stride, she's so chilled out just like her dad Dico ~ 'CreamofBritish Take That' she comes to stay with us and just slots in as if she's always been here, she is full sister to Dafny ~ 'CreamofBritish Flutterby'

Doris lives with my dear friends Jan & Martin Silk in Essex alongside her canine mum Daisy ~ 'CreamofBritish Upsy Daisy'  she will come back here to have her puppies.


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Doris ~ 'CreamofBritish Fifi Forget Me Not'

Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle


Blue Merle Non Shedding Fleece Coat

BVA Hip Score ~ 4 : 4

BVA Elbow Score ~ 0

VWD ~ Clear

Prcd PRA ~ Clear

IC Gene ~ Clear

Photo Left = Daisy ~ 'CreamofBritish Upsy Daisy' (Cream Standard)

her daughter Doris ~ 'CreamofBritish Fifi Forget Me Not' (Blue Merle Standard ~ Daisy x Dico)

Daisy's brother Otto (Cream Standard)

Peggy ~ 'CreamofBritish Emele Sande' (Black Medium ~ Indi x Nelson)



Photo Above = Peggy Pullen, Dillon Silk (Offroad Chihuahua)  Doris, Mabel, Otto and Daisy

CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodle Doris CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodle Doris