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'CreamofBritish Findus'

Findus lives with one of my dear friends, she is our beautiful Cream Standard girl, she's called Findus because she comes from imported frozen semen, you could say that she is one of our purest Australian Labradoodle in the house ;)  Although we think that she's fabulous and adore her immensely we don't believe that she is superfluous to our other dogs.


I had planned to mate Findus' mum to to frozen semen from a Pure ASD for several years however, the furkids had different plans. Six days before her mum ovulated I hadn't locked the conservatory door properly and within seconds Ineke opened the door and one of our boys mated her, I went ahead with the artificial insemination in the hope that it would still be successful, the puppies were all DNA tested for parentage and it turned out that only Findus was sired by frozen semen, hence her name Findus. She's a beautiful Cream Rose Nose Fleece and we also kept Thandie a Silver Phantom Fleece Coat sired by our own boy. I was devestated at the time but it's all turned out well, I have two fabulous girls from my beautiful Pure ASD, Findus is from all old lines and Thandie from my infusion line, it will be very interesting to compare the two girls.

Australian Labradoodle findus2 Australian Labradoodle Findus 1 Australian Labradoodle findus

'CreamofBritish Findus'

Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle

Small Standard

Cream With Rose Nose

Non Shedding Fleece Coat

BVA Hip Score ~ 3 : 4

BVA Elbow Score ~ 0

VWD ~ Clear by parentage

Prcd PRA ~ Clear by parentage

Current Clear Eye Certificate

findusnov1st frankeefindus frankeefindus1 frankeethandie

Findus & Thandie ~ 'Sisters from another Mister' Photo's by Rob King ~Mojo El Mundo photography