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'Creamofbritish Frankee' - Retired


This is 'CreamofBritish Frankee'


Named in honour of our dear

friend Frank Somers who has

been a friend for many years,

best man at our wedding and as

a Druid he also performed the

'Last Rite Of Passage' at the

funeral of our daughter

Leigh Martina.

Leigh sadly took her own life on

27th January 2008 at 23yrs old.




Frankee is a Medium Chocolate Fleece Coat.

Height 20"

BVA hips 6 : 5

BVA Elbows 0

Optigen prcd PRA - CLEAR

Current Clear Eye Certificate

Frankee is tested for 28 different diseases including Hypothyroidism,

Narcolepsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Hemophelia and is NEGATIVE for all.

Frankee has the same wonderful coat as her father, with the gentle nature of both parents.

She stands 20" at the shoulder, I believe that she has the sweetest nature, great conformation, well boned, good width of muzzle, nice turn of stifle, compact feet and just oh so edible, to me she is the epitome of a Labradoodle.

The photo's with Bailey her Chalk sister were taken at 6 months, what a beauty she has turned out to be.

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Below are some of Frankee's pups

"If I should die this very day

Don't cry, 'cause on Earth

we weren't meant to stay

And no matter what the people


I'll be waiting for you after

the judgment day"


              Frank Somers                                        Lois Grace and Leigh Martina

franksom frankeethandie frankeefindus1