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'Toradalriada's Scott Chmist At CreamofBritish'

Haggis ~ 'Tora's Scott Chmist At CreamofBritish'  Above photo's taken at 20 months

Haggis is amazing, she's always been sensible and very easy to train, on our way back from collecting her from Scotland we stopped at Glastonbury, it was May Day and there was a huge party atmosphere with carnival processions, drums and singing and she took it all in her stride tucked in my jacket.  She is a rich Red, much darker than she appears in all of the photos.

Haggis captures the heart of all of our visitors.

Below photos taken at 8 weeks and 8 months

haggisjan12018 blue merle & red australian labradoodles red australian labradoodle haggisglasto haggis haggis1

Haggis ~ 'Toradalriada's Scott Chmist At CreamofBritish'

Miniature Australian Labradoodle 16''

Weight 11kg \ 24lbs


Non Shedding Fleece Coat

BVA Hip Score ~  3 : 3

BVA Elbow Score ~  0

VWD ~ Clear

Prcd PRA ~ Clear