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Digger Dog 'CreamofBritish Well Spotted' in Dogs Today magazine August 2011

Owned and adored by Donna Saunders & Nando Brown

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'CreamofBritish Obi~Wan~Kenobi'   Front cover of Dogs Today Christmas Edition 2014

Kobi is owned and adored by Rob & Caz King, Kobi is the son of Phoenix & Nirvana

CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodle Dogs Monthly

'CreamofBritish Libre Soy' ~ Belle owned by the lovely Michelle Machin~Jefferies Mich is also MD for Natural Instinct so you may have seen Belle at the shop and on adverts even at Crufts as Natural Instinct were sponsors in 2017, massive achievement for raw feeders

CreamofBritish Labradoodle Natural Instinct Natural Instinct & CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodles at Crufts 2017 darciegrooming CreamofBritish Buffalo Star Wars

Meryle ~ 'CreamofBritish Merle's Allowed' does a remake of The Star Wars Buffalo with Su Eld Weaver at Mastergroom 2017