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'CreamofBritish Indiana' - Retired

Indi is our beautiful little chocolate girl, a really chunky girl but a lot smaller than we expected her to be, her mum is our Medium Pure ASD girl from Rutland Manor, her dad is our imported Standard Pure ASD boy but Indi is only 17"

However Indi had a very sad start to her life after she left home, it makes me very sad to think about her treatment by Woofability, you can read about it here Woofability  but I shall focus on what happened after we repossessed her from them.


My dear friends Jan & Martin Silk cared for Indi in their home in Essex  with another CreamofBritish girl called Daisy, Mable Labradoodle and Dillon Chihuahua. She was given five months of tender loving care by Jan's family, in our opinion apart from the love and care that she received from the two families who socialised her for Woofability this was the first time that she'd been given the love that she deserved and was accustomed to as a tiny puppy. She and the other three dogs that were repossessed are a testament to the amazing nature of our Australian Labradoodles.

If you meet Indi now you would never know that she had suffered so terribly in the first year of her life. She was terrified of the other dogs when she came home but it's now Indi who initiates play. The only sign of her past experience is that she will only eat in her crate at night time when everyone is asleep.

She is now a very happy bouncy girl who lives

life to the full with a big smile on her face

'CreamofBritish Indiana'

Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle

Small Medium 17"

Weight 19 kg 41 lbs

Chocolate Non Shedding Wool Coat

BVA Hip Score ~ 5 : 4

BVA Elbow Score ~ 0

VWD ~ Clear by parentage

Prcd PRA ~ Clear by parentage

Current Clear Eye Certificate

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