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Labradoodle Origins (LO) - A different breed ???

Labradoodle Origin (LO) is the name given to a Labradoodle which is the

cross of a Labrador and a Poodle, it has no other breeds in its make up.


We have some very nice Labradoodle Origins in the UK and some of the

Australian Labradoodle breeders are introducing them into their Australian

Labradoodle lines and the reputable breeders all carry out extensive health

testing prior to breeding.


The UK is renowned throughout the world for having exceptional quality

Labrador Retrievers, English and American Cocker Spaniels both in the

show and working categories.  It is well documented that the breeders in

the Uk have been carrying out extensive health testing of these breeds for

many generations, therefore introducing them into the Australian

Labradoodle lines and with careful selective breeding can only be beneficial

to the development of the breed The Australian Labradoodle.


The first cross of Australian Labradoodle to a Labradoodle Origin is called

a 50/50  Only a percentage of the puppies produced from these mating’s will

have the desired non shedding attributes of the Australian Labradoodle and

a percentage will resemble the Labradoodle Origin, however it is impossible

to quantify percentages.  Breeders should then select the puppies with the

desired attributes of the Australian Labradoodle to breed forward to further

develop the breed, it will take time and many generations until they become

consistent as a breed.



I now only have one Labradoodle Origin in my breeding programme,

a girl called .......                                    'Tora's CreamofBritish Fozzie Bear'

she is an F1b and the perfect

example of why you can not

quantify percentages when

breeding. On paper she is

75% Poodle and

25% Labrador and many

inexperienced people would

assume that she would have the

non shedding Poodle coat But

she doesn't, Fozzie sheds a little

bit and resembles more

Labrador than Poodle.


With careful consideration and

knowledge I will be able to

improve on Fozzie's coat by

mating her to a boy who is a

coat correcter. Despite not

having the best coat for a

Labradoodle, Fozzie has many attributes that warrents introducing her to my Australian lines. In particular a fabulous temperament and a health record going back through many generations. Most important to me is the fact that I know her heritage.



Fozzie Bear is the Great Grandaughter of my original show type Chocolate Labrador girl

Tcarlaidh Brown ~ 'Bella Jenny At Debylyn'

I bred Fozzie's grandma ~ Carrie 'Debylyn Blue Ribbon' and owned her mum ~ Medley.

Fozzie comes from a long line of well bred show Labs and every one of the Labradors in

her pedigree were hip scored under the breed average and some are also elbow scored,

we along with other Labrador breeders started to elbow score in the late 90's and we

started to dna test for Prcd pra in early 2000.  


Medley was fully health tested and was later mated to my Miniature Poodle boy Hedley.

and along came Fozzie Bear.


Fozzie looks quite different to my Australian Labradoodles but she is often the one

people find most appealing due to her disposition, she has most certainly inherited the

real fun character of her father which shows in her expressions.




In 2011 I mated Fozzie to Mukti 'CreamofBritish Amiboverd'  and I kept a Chocolate fleece girl who I named 'CreamofBritish Ellie Bear'



asd v LO fozziefun fozziewinking

Photo courtesy of Sarah Nellyer ~ Dashing Doodles


"Aren't I supposed to be the one Down Under?"

says Bella the Australian Labradoodle to Pippin the Labradoodle Origin

ellibear jenkinsbear elliebear1

'Ellie Bear' at 6 wks,                              her brother 'Jenkins Bear' at 8 wks                                  and 'Ellie Bear' at 8 wks

                                                                                                      'CreamofBritish Ellie Bear' at 6 months old.



Ellie is developing into a very beautiful girl with great

character and a lovely non shedding fleece coat


At 12 months Ellie will complete her health testing

and upon maturity at 2 years or older Ellie will be

mated to Rutlands Nirvana

ellieb6months CreamofBritish Amiboverd CreamofBritish Marbelous Marble 4 Lilac Merle Australian Labradoodle~CreamofBritish

   Mukti ~ 'CreamofBritish Amiboverd'