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The CreamofBritish Marbleous Marbles-Merle Australian Labradoodles

In 2008~2009 many allegations were made against Rutland Manor and Tegan Park, more and more people are telling their stories. These recent allegations clearly concern me and I have my own story but I have chosen to remain exempt from public displays of deformation but in no way am I defending Beverley and Angela for the actions of which they are accused, I am defending no-one here except my dogs, who are my life and without them I have no life.

I find it so upsetting to learn that someone whom I have held in such high esteem has allegedly betrayed the trust of so many. I don't know quite what to think at the moment.


I have always believed that they have been breeding Australian Labradoodles for some 20+years but now Angela has said she only started to breed in 1994 and Angela started breeding Labradoodles before Beverley, who knows....... I certainly don't............ I bred my first litter of Labradoodles in 2000, so not very far behind them.


I have decided to produce my own line of Australian Labradoodles ~ The CreamofBritish Marbelous Marbles ~ Merle Australian Labradoodles. We now have our second generation Merle Australian Labradoodles 75% by the third generation they will be Pure Australian Labradoodles, they will be bred with equal integrity and in the transparent manner of which I am known, I shall strive to leave my own legacy very different to RM & TP.

Others claim to be the first in Europe to have Merle Australian Labradoodles but Merle is introduced by infusing another breed, it is not a natural pattern of Cockers, Labradors, Poodles or Irish Water Spaniels.


I gave much consideration as to the foundation for my CreamofBritish Marbelous Marbles ~ Merle Australian Labradoodles, I chose the dam to be Tcarlaidh as for one she came from a breeder whom I could trust, she has a fabulous laid back temperament, a thick non shedding wool coat, a nice size at 19" and of course she is fully health tested hip/elbow scored, heart tested and Optigen Clear.


That was to be one of the easier decisions but who would be the father? I considered all of the breeds said to be the foundation for the Australian Labradoodle but I'm doing my own thing here so I decided to change the recipe. Those who know me will know I'm not a conformist, when I bred German Shepherds they were not Black & Tan but White Long Coats under the affix of Debylyn and I am very proud to see them across the world. My Poodles are not Black or White they are Parti and both Black & White and Chocolate & Cream. I love colours, the mystery of wondering what colour the pups will be when they're born, I decided I wanted my own line to stand out from the crowd, I would breed Merle.Of course colour is never a first priority and that is why I chose the foundation parents to be of the highest standard possible with superb temperaments, conformation and fully health tested, nothing short would suffice and at this point I would like to make it clear that Merle is a coat pattern and not a colour.

'CreamofBritish Take That' CreamofBritish Marbelous Marble 6 Mukti045

'CreamofBritish' ~ The first Merle Australian Labradoodles to be bred in Europe

Marble021 Jumbo-oso Tcbowman

I chose a lovely Blue Merle Collie called Jumbo to be the foundation of my Marbelous Marbles. Jumbo has a fabulous temperament, well trained but not 'over keen' like many working type Collies, he is fully health tested which was also a high priority for a foundation and a nice size at around 19"


The new owners of the first generation were also chosen with great care, all knew that the pups were likely to be brighter than the average Australian Labradoodle. I retained two of the best puppies in the litter ~ Mukti 'CreamofBritish Amiboverd a Lilac Merle Non Shedding Fleece Coat Male and Marble ~ 'CreamofBritish R Unvious a Blue Merle Fleece Coat girl, Hip Score 4 : 3  Elbows 0  prcd PRA Clear, Current Clear Eye Cert




CL mutation ~ CLEAR

TNS mutation ~ NORMAL

Hips ~ GOOD

Current Clear Eye Cert

'Cross Country CreamofBritish Tcarlaidh Brown'


Medium Non Shedding Wool Coat


OFA hips ~ Excellent

Patella Examination ~ Normal

Cardiac Examination ~ Normal

prcd PRA ~ Clear

Current Clear Eye Cert.


The First Generation of CreamofBritish Marbelous Marbles

                   Merle Australian Labradoodles

Marble018 mukti20

Mukti ~ 'CreamofBritish Amiboverd'

Lilac Merle Non Shedding Fleece Coat,

BVA Hip Score ~ 3 : 4,

BVA Elbows ~ 0  

prcd PRA/CEA/CH Clear,

VWD Clear,

CL Mutation Clear,

TNS Mutation Normal

Current Clear Eye Cert.

Marble ~ 'CreamofBritish R Unvious'

Blue Merle Fleece Coat

BVA Hip Score 4 : 3  

BVA Elbows 0  

prcd PRA/CEA/CH Clear

CL Mutation Clear,

TNS Mutation Normal

Current Clear Eye Cert

The Second Generation Of CreamofBritish                      Marbelous Marbles

Just as important as the first generation and all the future generations ~ the choice of parents for the second generation. The father is obviously Mukti who in my opinion was the pick of the litter from the first generation, Mukti is a Lilac Merle Non Shedding Fleece Coat with a fabulous laid back temperament.he is a real chunky boy with superb conformation. He lives with my friend Heather, he is her first dog and of the kindest disposition. .

I chose Tinka to be the dam as once again she came from a breeder whom I can trust, she has a fabulous calm disposition and excellant conformation and fully health tested. Both parents have the look I love of a chunky curly Labrador with the same gregarious nature but non shedding. All of the puppies in the litter have the attributes of the Australian Labradoodle with nice curly non shedding  coats and lovely laid back temperaments. I look forward to sharing photo's as they grow, not everyone will think I am doing the right thing but "Am I bothered"?? not a jot!!!!  I look forward to the decision of who the sire will be for Marble and Phoenix in the future.


'Rivermist's Not A Patch On Me At CreamofBritish'


Medium Non Shedding Fleece Coat

Height ~ 19"

Black & White Parti

Prcd PRA ~ Clear

Current Clear Eye Cert.

O.F.A Hips ~ Fair

O.F.A Elbows ~ Negative For Elbow Dysplasia

Lizzy MuktiNov10

'CreamofBritish Amiboverd'


Lilac Merle Non Shedding

Fleece Coat,

BVA Hip Score ~ 3 : 4,

BVA Elbows ~ 0  

prcd PRA/CEA/CH Clear,

VWD Clear,

CL Mutation Clear,

TNS Mutation Normal

Current Clear Eye Cert.

We have retained 'CreamofBritish Take That'     and          'CreamofBritish Phoenix Rising'     Both have achieved fabulous health test results and are now part of our breeding program. Both will be mated to our Australian Labradoodles giving us Pure Australian Labradoodles.

The Merle gene is NOT naturally occuring in Poodles or Cockers, any Labradoodles with the Merle pattern have an infusion of a different breed somewhere in their history no matter who bred them. Breeds who are Merle include Collies, Australian Shepherds, Welsh Corgi and Dachshund (Dapple) It is worth noteing that Corgi's and Dachshund's are both Achondroplastic (short legged breeds) Achondroplasia is an hereditary autosomal dominant gene ~ It only needs one parent with the gene to produce it and  re-produce it they will !!. You can see the perfect example of an Achondroplastic 'Poodle x Dachshund' here  So beware and do your research!!

'CreamofBritish Take That' Sept24th2011026