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The CreamofBritish Merle Australian Labradoodles

'CreamofBritish' ~ The first Merle Australian Labradoodles to be bred in Europe

The Merle gene is NOT naturally occuring in Poodles or Cockers, any Labradoodles with the Merle pattern have an infusion of a different breed somewhere in their history no matter who bred them. Breeds who are Merle include Collies, Australian Shepherds, Welsh Corgi and Dachshund (Dapple) It is worth noteing that Corgi's and Dachshund's are both Achondroplastic (short legged breeds) Achondroplasia is an hereditary autosomal dominant gene ~ It only needs one parent with the gene to produce it and  re-produce it they will !!. You can see the perfect example of an Achondroplastic 'Poodle x Dachshund' here  So beware and do your research!!