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Much Ado About Poo

Why ? because it is the easiest way to show you that what comes out the other end is a good indication of how healthy your dog is and what goes in the front end. I could go into lengthy explanations about why you should feed natural dog food as opposed to complete un natural food for dogs but it is simpler to show you.


What comes out the other end is waste product, seems obvious doesn’t it and we all know the advantages of healthy eating for ourselves but people get confused about feeding their beloved pets because the manufacturers of complete foods convince you that you are doing the best thing for your dog in feeding their food.


The main ingredient in most complete foods is Wheat, Rice, Maize and Poultry Meal, dogs don’t need any of these ingredients in their diets, they are added as ‘fillers’  the body can not use these ingredients so they come out the other end as waste and at twice the volume that they went into the front end.

As a responsible dog owner you also have to pick it up every day, I have to search for my dogs waste as they are fed a natural diet, the dogs body uses all the ingredients so what comes out the other end is minimal, as you will see from the photo’s.


As a point of interest and in my humble opinion one that proves beyond all doubt that Mother Nature knows best ..        If left to their own devices all Carnivores will eat the food that provides the least waste and smell ...   after giving birth nothing would attract predators to newborns quicker than strong smelling waste so it is within the new Mums best interest to produce the least amount of non smelling waste she could as well as systematically clearing up after the birth process ! In fact BARF fed Dogs produce poo that is almost identical to Leopard scat (poo) It goes without saying that BARF fed Dogs Smell Less...Poo Less... and are full of Happi Ness that their owners really do have their best interests at heart !!!!!




The images below were taken upon the arrival of Dico who came back home, he had been reared by us on a natural diet up to the age of 16 months and then fed on complete food for 8 months, I gradually changed him back to natural raw meat & bones over the course of 1 week, you can see the results for yourself below.

Warning this page contains graphic images of dog poo !!!!

completepoop completepoo completepoo2 rmb5 rmb6 rmb4 rmb7

   This is the complete food that he was being fed on             and        this is just one section of the poo that he did on his first day home.

            Natural food for dogs ~ raw meat and bones (RMB)                                              Poo ~ Day 1 of reintroducing RMB

                       Day 2 of RMB.                                                                                                        Day 3 of RMB

Day 4 ~ Hooray a normal poo for an adult dog fed on RMB       and           This is a poo from an 8 wk old puppy reared on RMB

completepoo poo 001 rmb3 rmb3

In my opinion, of course, the complete food above has absolutely no nutritional value at all for a dog and no matter how much you put in the front end it will just be excreted out the other end as waste.