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CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodles working as Assistance Dogs

                 with 'Maatje met een Staartje' in Holland

Myself & Conny at Calais                                                                                                                         Pip watching the world go by

Conny has a boy from me called

Eddy 'CreamofBritish Teddy Edward'


We are very proud to work closely with Sandra Geven and her team at                                            ~ translated means 'Companion with a tail'. All of the team are passionate about dogs and they train them to work as assistance dogs for children with autism, downs syndrome and other special needs. It is extremely rewarding to know that my puppies give these children such comfort in what would otherwise be a scarey world for them. Some of our puppies have also gone to help families with special needs in the UK..


Stichting "Companion with a Tail" is a charity, established in Rotterdam (Netherlands).


The goal is to improve the quality of life and  to enrich the independence of children and families living with autism, down syndrome and other special needs.


The team gives the organisation "Companion with a Tail" in Netherlands a unique service. We carefully select a puppy that is suitable for the needs of each child. The puppy is placed with the family so that both can adjust easily to eachother and grow as friends. We train the puppy with the family to the specific needs of the children, always working together, we believe that it is important for the children with special needs to bond with their puppy from an early age.


Some benefits may include:


•Providing security from fears including sleeping

•Building/increasing self-confidence

•Increasing independence

•The child learns to take care of the dog which gives a sense of responsibility.

•The dog has a routine of feeding walking etc which provides structure to the


•A therapy dog gives comfort in public places when the child is in need of security

•Positive behavioural changes such as more active, play, alert to respond to the

environment, decrease of frustration and anger

•Giving comfort and support

•Improve mental skills through play and encourage motivation by walking with the


•Promotion of the speech. Dogs give a sense of trust and camaraderie.

          A dog tells no tales so children can entrust him with secrets.

























 'CreamofBritish Benevolent Pip'                                              Luk Pranger with his new puppy Cobber 'CreamofBritish Dancing Brave'   


IMG_2696 PA305353 PA275335 P1030288 conny and I maartje

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