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Our Girls

All of our girls have perfect temperaments, this is THE most important factor when selecting a breeding girl, it matters not how fabulous she is, without a perfect temperament she has no place in a breeding program and certainly not in mine. A bad temperament will carry through many generations regardless of nurture.


It is the bitch who is the nucleus of all breeding and therefore she should be a paragon of her breed.


Our girls are  sometimes considered masculine, visitors continually say "Wow look at his head" that is fine by me,  I like my girls to be strongly constructed which is why they are considered masculine.


This brings me to the subject of a 'Breed Standard' of which to date there is no difinitive standard, however the following is what I personally consider to be a good breed standard and of which I adhere to and apply to both dogs and bitches................


Temperament absolutely must be perfect, intelligent, keen and biddable, with a strong will to please. A kindly nature, with no trace of aggression or undue shyness.


A good Labradoodle of either sex should have a nice broad, well defined, sculptured head, eyes should be large and round, set far apart giving a well defined stop/forehead and a wide muzzle. The ears should not be large, lie flat against the side of the head and should be level with the eyes.


Mouth jaws and teeth, strong with a perfect and regular complete scissor bite.


Her head should sit sit on a strong, powerful neck, set into well-placed shoulders.


Shoulders long and sloping, forelegs well-boned and straight from elbow to ground when viewed from either front or side.


Body should have a chest of good width and depth, with well-sprung barrel ribs, level topline, loins wide, short coupled and strong.


Hindquarters must be well developed, not sloping to tail, well turned stifle, hocks well let down, cow-hocks are highly undesirable.


Feet should be round and compact with well-arched toes and well developed pads.


Tail should be very thick towards base, gradually tapering towards tip, medium in length and preferably carried saber, it is however allowed to be carried below the top line or gaily above. Coat should be non shedding and single coated, varying from a tight wool type coat through to a silky fleece type coat.

Movement is free, covering adequate ground, straight and true in front and rear.








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