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Now for something really special !!  I have always loved colours, many people now realise that Poodles actually come in an array of fabulous colours, they are not new though, Parti Poodles have been around for many decades, paintings can be found from as early as the 18th Century. A true Parti is White (at least 50%)  with any other colour patches or spots. You may have seenParti's advertised before but often they are Mis-Marks usually Black with White tips, ie: chins, toes and tip of tail and not a True Parti. I have had Parti Poodles for several years now but finally  we now have our Parti Australian Labradoodles and in Chocolate & White too !!.Tinka also had aChocolate & White Tuxedo boy, next year we look forward to having Phantom Labradoodles For examples of Phantom see our Miniature Poodle boy              

The photo on the right is of Hedley with his son Dizzy ~ 'Creamofbritish Spotted Dick'


And then along came the Parti Labradoodles!!!















This beautiful Black & White puppy

is from my first litter of Parti Australian

Labradoodles her name is Pinto ~

'Creamofbritish Patch Me If You Can'

Pinto now lives with Rai Rogers at












This cheeky chap is Digger ~ 'Creamofbritish Well Spotted'

Owned and adored by Donna


















Photo by Rai Rogers.


P5100040 th_Digger2 th_Digger1 P7220018 DSCF0521 (640x480) cru PC030395 PC030399 phantomoftheopera th_Digger1 th_DSC00384 th_Mukti034 Ineketrim Ineke~I''m so fabulous P1030024 P1040072 P1040075 th_Mukti048 Mukti045

And then.......Along came .... 'The CreamofBritish Marbelous Marbles' !!!!!!!!!

CreamofBritish Phantoms & Parti Labradoodles & Poodles

Chocolate Merle Labradoodle Parti Australian Labradoodle 'CreamofBritish Vanner'