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2008 Bailey 012

                                                                  Past Puppies

I am so proud of every puppy that I have bred, each individual puppy receives so much love and care from the moment that they are born and I make a promise to them to find each of them the nicest possible home with kind people who will love them as I have, forever.      

They live in our home as part of our family alongside our adult dogs, our dogs really do lay on our sofas, go for long walks, go on holiday with us, have fun with us and love us as we love them.  My dogs have helped me through the hardest time in my entire life when my daughter died, I have to get out every day with them to keep my own spirit high, not just theirs and I enjoy my time with them,  the saddest thing for me when I imported Nirvana & Molli from Australia was that they had no connection to humans, my dogs are my friends, I do have human friends but I'm as loyal to my dogs as I am my human friends and family.

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                       The photo's below were all taken by the talented photographer Sam from Sam Moody Photography

The lovely model is Teddy Roberts, he was from our very first litter of Australian Labradoodles

CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodle family photo