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I am going to unashamedly plug the fact that Nando Brown and Donna Saunders of  In The Dog House have two of our lovely Doodles, both Digger and Stanley have an amazing life with Donz & Nando, living in the remote countryside of Spain but they are trained to a high standard and exercise their brains and their bodies every day. What a fabulous couple they are, the world is your oyster guys and you deserve it so much, luv you both xxxx


Click on the picture above to listen to Nando       Click on the photo of 'CreamofBritish Lil Stan' doing tricks with Donz                                                                                                  

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Please think long and hard before considering a puppy, we want our puppies to have forever homes, listen to what Nando Brown says in the video below, Nando and his beautiful girlfriend Donna own Ineke's son Digger, he is also a brother to Sassy, watch him do tricks in the other video..

‘seek the wisdom of age but look at the world through the eyes of a child’

Please See Planned Litters.

We like to speak to our potential puppy parents so telephone contact is always preferred  

                                      telephone 01489 564919 or 07793197720                      


CreamofBritish puppies are reared in our home as part of our family, all of our dogs live indoors and not in kennels, all dogs are fully health tested prior to breeding and potential puppy parents will be shown all documents, we want to meet any prospective puppy parents and you will be thoroughly vetted. At CreamofBritish we breed for quality, type and temperament and not necessarily in that order, our dogs are fully health tested for generations and are reknown far and wide for their amazing temperaments, fantastic coats and stunning looks, thier amazing temperaments and coats have seen them used in grooming competitons adverts and in Star Wars.

I also look after my young grandchildren so our dogs and pups are raised with them. We are hobby breeders and not a business, our dogs are our family members.          


Most of our puppies go to returning customers and referrals from our existing puppy parents, some people have even had a fourth CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodle, we welcome visitors who are considering having 'One Of Our Puppies', we will want to meet the whole family, we do not take deposits until puppies are born, we do hold a waiting list so if you are thinking that you would like to be considered for one of our puppies please contact us sooner rather than later as our puppies get booked early.  

                                                                              Telephone 01489 564919    07793197720                    

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