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Brus 'CreamofBritish Robert de Brus

Brus is a really special boy, he's the son of  Nirvana~ 'Rutlands Nirvana At CreamofBritish'   and Sassy. It's hardly any wonder that he's so special though with the ancestors that he has, his father is a legend known worldwide and his mum isn't quite so famous but she's dearly loved by us and her mum Jackie Stevenson who Brus and Sassy live with. Brus should have been called 'CreamofBritish Nirvana's Clone'  he is a chip off the old block, he not only has his fathers temperament but he has his fabulous perfect single  fleece coat too that just falls into spirals and is so easy to look after. Brus lives with my dear friend Jax and his canine mum Sassy 'CreamofBritish Friesia n Holstein'

I only ever wanted the one litter from Sassy and she certainly gave us some beauties, we've waited a long time for a clone of Nirvana and Brus is the man, he carries Parti and Chocolate, if we're really lucky he will also carry the Yellow/Cream gene, time will tell.


Jax is a very dear trusted friend of ours, I knew the moment I met her that we would be

close friends forever. That moment was actually standing in the line up for Best In Show

at The Inaugural Doodlefest Show in The New Forest July 2009. Jax & Belle won

Best In Show and Nirvana won Reserve Best In Show.


Sassy was a young pup in my arms when Jax first met her at the show, it was quite a while later that Jax approached me for a puppy and after much deliberation we decided that Sassy and Jax would be perfect for each other. All of the Australian Labradoodles make fabulous pets, most would make the grade as an assistance dog but occasionally an exceptional puppy appears in a litter, one that I know will excel as an assistance dog or be a more suitable character for people with disabilities. Sassy has a very special bond with Jax and adores us too, she goes crazy with excitement when she comes to stay, Jax regularly stays with us with all three of her furkids.


We didn't have a litter with Sassy until she was four as we felt that she wasn't ready until then and we only ever planned to have one litter so we're ecstatic to have a boy as fabulous as Brus and as you can see from the photo above 'he's the spit of his father' he even has the same awesome perfect silky fleece coat but above all that he has the impeccable temperament of Nirvana and Sassy.

nirvanasbruce Nirvan&Bruce BRUSY sassynow waiting for mummy BIS-RBIS

Brus ~ 'CreamofBritish Robert de Brus'

Pure ASD

Medium Black Fleece Coat

Height 19"

BVA Hips ~ 6 : 5

BVA Elbows ~ 1

Optigen prcd PRA ~ Clear

Current Clear Eye Cert