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'Rutlands Nirvana At CreamofBritish'   RETIRED

'Rutlands Nirvana At CreamofBritish'


Small Standard Black non moulting Fleece Coat.


Penn hip  0.43  0.39

Elbows BVA  0

Colour tested   BbEe

Height 21"

Optigen PRA prcd Type B

Von Willebrand's Disease - CLEAR  

Thyroid Normal

Brucella Canis Negative

Current Clear eye certificate



Our fabulous boy Rutlands Nirvana is from Rutland Manor Labradoodles,

Australia, he arrived in the UK in April 2007. Nirvana has a wonderful

nature, he comes from the very best therapy dog lines through

'Tegan Park Cool Dude' and 'Rutlands Magnum'.  He is genetically colour

tested BbEe which means that he is not dominant for Black and carries

the gene for Chocolate, Cream, White, Red and Apricot.






Nirvana is just so amazing, it is not until you share your life with the ASD Labradoodle that you can appreciate how very different they are. Nothing phases Nirvana he is so kind and gentle, an awesome boy ! Two of Nirvana's puppies are now being trained with Canine Partners For Independence in the UK, others work with autistic children in Holland.


I kept the best girl from his first litter sired in the Uk 'CreamofBritish Frankee' In my opinion Frankee and Nirvana are the epitome of the Australian Labradoodle, they have everything temperament, looks, bone and both have a non shedding coat that looks fabulous all year round because it is easy to care for, many of the Australians have a high maintenence coat, not Nirvana, unfortunately he does not always pass his coat onto his offspring





                                                           Nirvana, Frankee & Koda Summer 2010








4517073124_260x246.jpg 4517073118_253x279.jpg 4517162342_271x271.jpg scan0003 busterkeaton121207 babyvana Nirvana_006 mollipups 016 mollipups 012 michael&friends 013 Australian labradoodle 3 australian labradoodle frankee & Rutlands Nirvana australian labradoodles nirvananewforestmia

This was taken in the New Forest March 2013 at 8 years old and still fabulous !!

Photo courtesy of Mia Fudge puddle


This fabulous photo of Nirvana, was taken at 8 yrs old by Rob King ~ Mojobox Photography