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This is our beautiful Red Standard Poodle girl 'Scarlett O' Hara' also known as Gingernut, thank you to her breeder for entrusting us with such an amazing girl. Scarlett has a fantastic pedigree and she is a fabulous rich Red colour for which the Bijou lines are reknowned.

A true Red is just like a Red head person, often referred to as Ginger and like Red head humans their hair stays a beautiful rich Red colour, it does not fade, some do fade a little with age but will still be distinguishable from Gold/Apricot, Poodle people refer to the gene as Apricot and Doodle people Gold

Many people in the Doodle world believe that they have the Red gene but usually they are Gold and will fade to cream as they mature. Red hair looks lighter or darker in different light, I have put the photo of my three Poodles on to show the difference. Hedley (Chocolate & Cream Phantom) Scarlett (Red) and Ineke (Black & White Parti)  The photo at the bottom of this page shows Scarlett's dark Red natural colour without the flash of a camera. Please see photo's below


We are honoured to be loved and adored by Scarlett, she has boundless energy and enthusiasm

for life which rubs off on the entire CreamofBritish household, we certainly know that she's here !

Now all I have to do is reproduce her colour, it won't happen overnight so be patient if you're waiting

for a Real Red. I probably could have imported a Red Australian Labradoodle at vast amounts of

money but a) I don't have thousands of pounds and b)  I prefer to take the long road, start at the

beginning and know my lines thoroughly, yes it takes a lot longer but I have my whole lifetime,

however long that is, above all else our objective is to produce sound healthy dogs with fabulous

temperaments and not just a particular colour however fabulous or desirable.


I have received a few phone calls with people saying that they want a Red but once I have

explained the difference they realise it is not actually a Red that they want, they mean Gold,

if you don't like Ginger or true Red heads then it's not a Red you want, it is Gold. We love Red

heads, we have Red heads in our family and it seems only natural to us to have Red head dogs

too. When our grand daughter Livia~Leigh has grown her lovely Red hair longer we shall be

getting photo's of her and Scarlett together   Scarlett loves her curly friends

scarlett10wks-1 scarlettandineke boomer bowman7 Dibbles6thsept 009 freya 006

On this photo Scarlett is stood alongside a Dogue de Bordeaux you can see how much richer her Red coat is .

This is Boomer, see how dark he looked as a puppy, some breeders may think that this is Red but when he is mature you can see he is faded to Gold.

This is a good photo to show the difference, left to right                   Freya and Buddy have both faded to Gold/Apricot they are not Red

Bailey (Chalk/White)  Freya (Gold) and Buddy (Gold)

you may be forgiven for thinking Freya & Buddy were Red

buddynow1_zps8bd849e0 fozziewinking frankeeBailey030908 008 scarlettstarfishred daisy2 Cramofbritish HeavenLeigh Creamofbritish_Bindi_Toradalriada


Bailey & Bhindi ~ Chalk                 Ups Daisy ~ Cream                          Freya ~ Gold/Apricot                                Scarlett & Livia ~ Red


Below you can clearly see the difference in the colours from ~            

                        White ~ Cream ~ Gold/Apricot ~ Red

th_scarlettshow_zps844e97d8 cooltext855485417 solant young dog day 29-9-12 111 (800x643)

'Scarlett O' Hara At CreamofBritish' ~ Retired

Red Standard Poodle

Height ~ 21"

Weight ~ 26 kg

Hip Score B.V.A. ~ 6 : 5

Elbow Score B.V.A. ~ 0

VWD ~ Clear

EN ~ Clear

Prcd PRA ~ Clear

rcd4 PRA ~ Clear

Current Clear Eye Certificate

Above Scarlett with our ASD Molli~'Hyland Myst Mollinilo of Rutlands' here you can see her rich red colour and compare her structure against our Pure ASD from Rutland Manor !!!

Scarlett3rdaug13 scarlettohara scarlettred scarlettredstandard Red Standard Poodle