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Stetson ~ 'CreamofBritish Blayz In Saddles'

I needed to bring new blood into my lines, I have admired Southern Charm Labradoodles for several years and felt that Carol Dean has morals like myself, I have always regretted not visiting Rutland Manor & Tegan Park prior to importing Nirvana, Molli & Dibbles and I felt the only way to know that I was making the right decision was to fly out to America and meet Carol, Butch & Trace for myself, it was a huge gamble and a very expensive one but imperative in my opinion as I wasn't prepared to make that mistake again. My instincts served me well though and Carol & Butch certainly deserve the name 'Southern Charm Labradoodles' those Doodles are so lucky to live with them, I can only dream of living that lifestyle but of course the UK is tiny compared to America.

As for Trace what a fabulous boy he is, all of the dogs had fantastic temperaments and great structure. Stetson will mature to Standard 21 ~ 23" tall, at 20 weeks he weighed 16 kg,  he has the most awesome fleece coat which is what I expected from Scarlett & Trace and oh my what a wonderful temperament he has.


Scarlett and I had an amazing journey together, we went all across Alabama in our big 4 x 4 we had a few scary moments when Google Maps ditched us on the massive highways but all in all it was a character forming adventure.  


Before I hear one more person say ''I want a Pure ASD not a Labradoodle with a Poodle parent''  even my old boy 'Rutland's Nirvana' who is considered a legend by many Australian Labradoodle breeders has a Black Standard Poodle Grandfather.                                                          


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Stetson at 20 wks and 16kg

cooltext301834705813919 (1) 'CreamofBritish Blayz n Saddles' Stetson 6 months