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Stitch - 'Alpine Labradoodles Tulip Stitch For Tora's CreamofBritish'

                           What can I say about Stitch?  He is Nirvana in Chocolate, oh my what an amazing boy!!


Stitch is co-owned with my friend Jackie of Tora Labradoodles, a big thank you to Barbara of Gemstones Labradoodles for our lovely boy. He has great test results and a fabulous laid back temperament so typical of the Australian Labradoodle and he will be the perfect husband for our Nirvana daughters.


I can not believe how laid back Stitch is, he is just the perfect gentleman who takes the whole world in his stride.


A lovely chunky boy with plenty of bone,  a nice broad well defined, sculptured head, with a lovely dark round eye set far apart giving him a well defined stop/forehead and a wide muzzle and his ears are not too large, lay flat against the side of his head and level with his eyes. He also has the perfect sabre tail, spring of rib, turn of stifle, in short he's just adorable.


Colour: Chocolate

Fleece Coat

Size: small standard 21"

Weight: 45  lbs

OFA Hips ~ Good

CERF ~ Normal

Prcd PRA ~ Clear



IMG_2353 Mitch016 Mitch019 Mitch024 Mitch032 Mitch043 Mitch044 Mitch031 Mitch016 Mitch036 Mitchel 009 Mitchel 015 Mitchel 016

Stitch lives with Jackie in Scotland ~ He is not at public stud