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Testimonials 3

'CreamofBritish War Paint'                                    15/10/11

Hi Debbie.                                        

                Its been a hectic couple of years, I don't remember if I sent you pictures or not but thought you would like to see how our boy is progressing.  Iknow these are a bit late but this was last Christmas, he loved the snow. This summer he has loved the beach and has learnt how to swim, although his favorite pass time is chasing seagulls. Well any birds really but we try to keep it to seagulls as ducks, geese and chickens can get us into trouble!!  He is a wonderfull

healthy, happy and oh such a loving dog thank you for the Introduction to be breed and being the breeder of such a wonder dog.


Thanks for so much happiness.


Julie Bisbey.

warpaintmax WarPaint

'CreamofBritish Freckle Bear'                                          15/10/11


Hi Debbie,

Arrived safe and sound back in Toulouse.

We spent the morning with Lesley and her husband and left just before Lunch..

Attached some pictures of his first day with us and the girls,

Thank you for the 'Puppy Pack',

Keep in touch,

Geraldine, Steve, Louise, Anabelle and 'Rusty' Kneale x



toulous freckles

'CreamofBritish Arry Potter'                                    12/10/11


Hi Debbie,


It has been almost 1 year ago, since we picked River up in Calais. We would like to let you know that River is doing great. He is such an adorable dog and listens very good.


He is a social dog, easy to walk with and already has met a lot of neighbour dogs.


I will send you a picture and 2 short videos, in seperate emails.


Kind regards,

Annelies van Beek

The Netherlands

Arry Potter~River

'CreamofBritish Kafe Latte'                                                                                                                       09/09/11      Hi Debbie

               How are you keeping?

 You may remember we bought Hooper from you in April. He is doing great and I will send you some photos when I can get a chance.  He is on his second beech holiday just now and having great time.

He is doing really well at his training classes and the trainer thinks he is a really intelligent dog. He is taking his bronze tests next week after only six weeks which is really fast. He is a really happy boy and the advice you gave us about getting him adjusted to everything around him has really worked. He is friendly with every dog he meets and plays with them all. All the house training etc was done in a few weeks and he has settled in so well with our family.

You might guess he is a bit spoiled but he is worth it!

I was also writing as I am in the process of getting our second dog, a golden retriever from a breeder in Durham. I mentioned to her how we were feeding Hooper with the raw meat from Landywood and she is keen to learn more about it. She mentioned trying to get some breeders site information to encourage people down this route. She asked me for you details but I said I would check with you before giving your email address or number. Is it OK if she contacts you Debbie?  She seems keen on the raw meat idea and has been breeding retrievers and labradors for about 20 years.

I can't say enough god things about Hooper he is a fantastic dog. Everyone I met on holiday asked about him. a lady we met today was very interested in where we got him, I have given her your website name so she could look into it. She is based in Norfolk so you may hear from her. She already has a 3 year old english Labradoodle who looked very well looked after.

Stewart Bartle



'CreamofBritish Appaloosa'                                                  29/08/11

Hiya Guys

Well, we thought we'd send you a few of the snaps of Branston's first weekend in his new home. One thing is for sure, he has certainly made himself at home. He is a lively little character who just loves to play and pounce  and be part of the action - animal or human kind, he's not fussed! He and Marmite are inseparable already with Marmite being amazing at putting up with his mouthing and constant hanging off his ears. In fact, i swear he grooms Branston with his teeth each day. When one leaves a room, the other follows. You'll see from the pic's they are up to scams together already in the garden. You lost your rhubarb; we have Marmite teaching Branston the joys of pulling down green bean stalks and they have both dug up the apple tree in the middle of the lawn. Well, it was a lawn until Friday when they dug that up too in the rain!!

You two have started Branston off so well. He toilets on command and has already got the idea of his name and to "sit" for his dinner and snacks and sleeps at night in his crate with the door closed - all things we had to start Marmite off with from scratch. He even has a little bark to go out into the garden when needing an extra toilet. I think my neighbours must think i'm the barking mad one giving huge, excited praise at all hours of the day and night about a toilet break!?!


He is a credit to you at 'CreamofBritish'.




 Yvonne and Simon




Hi Debbie, As it was Boomer's 3rd birthday yesterday I thought I would send you an update.

He's absolutely fine and a pleasure to own. He's still chasing his ball non stop when we're at the park. He bosses our chocolate lab Boris around and occasionally gets him to play chase.

I'll try to attach a recent picture of him. We met a Cockerpoo the other day who was very much like Boomer but obviously not as cute!!!

I hope all is well with you,

Best wishes, Anne Cross, Farlington