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'CreamofBritish Marble Bear'                                                                   16/10/11


Hi Debbie,

                 Just to let you know we have called our puppy Bruno.  He is such a clever boy, he

has already learned "fetch", though we still have to work on "drop".  Steven and Geraldine

came yesterday morning to collect their little one, Freckle Bear.  We found it very hard to

choose between them, they are both lovely boys.  In the end we thought Freckle Bear would

get on better with the children, and in fact when they arrived they made a big fuss of him, and

he didn't mind a bit.  Bruno was happy to be patted and stroked, but kept out of the way when

they wanted to lift him up.


We had no problems with him last night, much to our amazement.  As the first night on his

own we thought it would be difficult.  He went to bed with his bunny and a hot water bottle

wrapped in a soft blanket, complained a bit for five minutes and then went to sleep.  He

woke up about 10.30 and we took him out for "hurry ups" and he went straight back to bed.

He didn't wake up again until 7.30.  He has been really good with his toilet, and we have only

had a couple of little puddles where we havn't taken him out in time.  He is going in and out

of the conservatory all by himself when he needs to go, but we always make sure to praise him.


He has met our two cats, who keep a close eye on him, but having been told "no" once when he wanted to chase them, he seems to be leaving them alone.  Suzette keeps out of his way by going up a tree or sittingon the barbeque, and Phoebe, who is a bit older gave him a bit of a hiss.  They are both very curious about him though, and are creeping closer and closer to have a look.  He has also met some of our French neighbour, two girls of 10 and a boy of 13, Grandma and Dad who provides our firewood.  They came round when we still had the two, and Freckle Bear went right up to their big dog, nose to nose, with no hesitation.  Bruno held back on that one!


Thank you once again for letting us have one of your wonderful pups.  He has had such a good start in life.  Having read most of the puppy training book you gave us, we realise how easy it would be to make a mistake in buying a dog without realising it.  He has had every possible benefit from your breeding and care.  We are sure he is going to make a lovely addition to our family.


Love and Best Wishes David and Lesley


Freckle & Marble having a last romp in the front garden with granddad Hedley before they left home to start their new adventure

 in France.

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'CreamofBritish Tommy Lee Jones'                            22/06/11


Hai Debbie,i sent you een little youtube from Tommy!


Everthing go's great whith Tommy,see it for your self!


He's now 1 year,tst go's so really fast! unbeliveble..


We love him very much,he really a sweethart,zo easy going dog!!


Thanks! For Tommy en have a wondeful job whith your dogs!



The Netherlands


'CreamofBritish Kafe Mokha'                                           23/0511


Hi Debbie

Hope all well with you. We thought you may like to see this picture of  

Bertie we took today. He's so gorgeous, a real calm good boy (most of  

the time!) - a credit to you.

Will send some more pics soon.

Best regards

Sue, Mike, Bella, Elliot and Lewin



Bertie mullarkey



For  Mama Dood

First of all I thank God we found you Debbie

Thus enabling us to welcome ...... Harry Marsh Jnr

 ( we lost our beloved Black Labrador Harry Snr last year Aged 14 )


 A Puppys Tail

We welcomed Harry into our family at the beginning of 2012. We arranged

to meet him at his birf home with siblings and extended family.Debbie was

supportive , but clear as to with  whom and  where her fur babies were to

live. The next day we walked him  with Debbies fur family and our Standard

Poodle Ross and we were accepted !!!


Time to say goodbye.........emotions running high. We  set off on a journey with

a view to our adventure, Harry , me, my husband Bob, and Ross . Harry slept

on my lap or on the back seat of the car all the way to the South of France

stopping frequently for us all to eat and do the necessary . Harry was totally

unfazed by it all. Ross however I'm sure was wondering how long this pup

would be around . We arrived home , Harry ran riot for a while then settled

down in his "cage" to sleep all night . He has slept through ever since. He has

always "asked " to go out for wee wee's  asking for all sorts of things now,  

he is very vocal , so much so that each growl has a different meaning and I now

know Harry speak ...he has trained me well. He learned to sit ,wait ,give me a paw within a week of living with us .So clever so willing to please . Harry and Ross quickly became firm friends playing every day till they were both exhausted , Harry totally unfazed by the size of Ross , and  developed some very atheletic moves . We sadly lost Ross recently as a result of post operative  complications , however ,  Ross gave Harry  a wonderful start to his doggie life with us.


Debbies pups are phenomenal . Harry is ;  gentle , well mannered , biddable , easy to train , calm . But most of all fun, he is quirky , inquisitive , jumps so high you wouldn't beleive. He carries his lead to the car and will wait patiently the drivers seat !  Is this his next challenge ...driving ?


 Debbie.......Harry came to us for a reason ...... all meant to be . The spirit of Harry Snr and Ross is alive and well .


Thankyou  Christine xx