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E mail received 10th June 2013

We had been considering a dog on and off for a long time but I really believe that it wouldn't have ever happened if we hadn't met Debbie and her gorgeous dogs. I have a pretty serious dog allergy and both my daughter and I were also quite nervous of dogs due to me being bitten twice when I was young, Debbie was so understanding of this and allowed us to visit her a lot to firstly be sure that I had no reaction and secondly to build up our confidence, I think she also needed to be sure we knew what we were taking on before she could hand over one of her precious pups to us. On the 17th of may we bought home our gorgeous chocolate merle boy Erik and almost immediately it was like he had always been here, he is a happy confident little pup who loves to be around people, we have had very little trouble with toilet training I think largely due to the start that Debbie had made, and we have had no trouble at all with whining at night in fact he took to his crate straight away and can often be found in there just having a little nap, when we take him out and about we are constantly stopped by people who want to know what breed he is and they always comment on his unusual markings, of course he is more than happy to show off his friendly personality to. Having visited a number of breeds to test for allergic reactions before we decided on Erik I am absolutely certain we made the right choice of dog for us, it is early days yet but he seems pretty perfect in everyway and as a novice dog owner it is of immeasurable comfort to know that I have a lifetime of support at the end of the phone. I am aware that you can buy cheaper but I firmly believe you could never buy a better puppy with better start to life than a cream of British puppy, I would never buy from anyone else.

K. Curtis


CreamofBritish Chocolate Merle Australian Labradoo

Erik ~ 'CreamofBritish Finito'

Molli x Dico

e-mail received 30 th June 2013


Hi Debbie

It’s incredible that it’s only 4 weeks since we collected Pepper – she seems to have a part of our lives for ever.  She has settled into a thoroughly normal, well balanced little dog; she socialises well and is responding well to training.  We do think that the grounding for all this was your input in managing her first weeks and the advice that you provided us with in our meetings and in the documentation you gave us on Pepper’s collection.  We have continues to feed her on Natural Instincts and I hope that you have received your credit for introducing us to this product line.


So … we are delighted with Pepper and thank you for doing such a good job in her early weeks.  She hasn’t changed much in the 4 weeks so we’ll send you photos of her when she’s grown a bit more.


Hope you keep well and that you have managed to place the rest of the litter.




CreamofBritish Blue Merle Australian Labradoodle p

Pepper ~ 'CreamofBritish Final Fling'

Molli x Dico

Hi Debbie

              Dudley is doing really well!


Dudley is our second puppy from Debbie (Cream of British) and I can  honestly say that you could not chose a better breeder to buy  your puppy from.

Debbie has many years of experience in breeding - our first puppy came from her 13 years ago! She cares about her dogs and the families that they go to, she will go that extra mile to ensure that you are confident puppy parents. She will give you all the information you need to make sure that your new dog is well looked after.

Our dog Dudley is calm, intelligent and loving.

He never done anything really naughty - he chews what he is allowed to chew, he was toilet trained within 2 weeks. He walks on and off the lead really well. His trick repertoire is growing by the day - he sits and goes to the floor on a hand command, we are working on stay but he is only 5 months old!

So far we have introduced him to our friends that have small children and he is brilliant with them. We have taken him to friends houses that have young dogs, middle aged and old dogs and he knows his place in all environments. He is well behaved at the pub and sits calmly under my seat.

We always get lovely comments when we are walking Dudley - "wow what amazing colouring", "what a gorgeous puppy","aren't you lucky to have such a well behaved puppy"

I would highly recommend Cream of British to anyone looking for a new addition to their family.

Thank you Debbie for letting us have Dudley - we love him so much and we are looking forward to your next Doodle walk day so that we can show you how gorgeous he is.

Best wishes

Jo xx



Dudley 'CreamofBritish Blue Destiny'

Ineke x Dico

August 23rd 2013   Dan Rose


Hey Debbie........mucho thanks for Ozzi.....he's a dream and a testament to what fantastic breeders you and Ian are. I could not have wanted to take a dog from better people. From the start I knew we had come to the right place and what you do for your dogs and how you are building up the Cream of British pack is a joy to be apart of....makes me very proud to be a part of it....I know mum has been putting in calls and thank you for your time. We all want to make sure Ozzi get's over his move away as easily and happily as possible. I ahve to say I'm surprised just how cool he has been, again a reflection on how you bring the little lovelies into the world !

He is going to be a great addition to the family and promise we will continue with you're great work....I took him to the vet today for the jab.....without any discuss I brought up whether he advises annual boosters and he was very clear on saying it was a must. I didn't say anything but having read your notes and I yet to fully read all the links you kindly supplied. But I was inwardly questioning whether he was the right Vet for us. Certainly after he questioned the raw diet I said we would be doing.


Although Ozzi will always be a close family member I'm very clear on the fact a dog is a dog. I did animal psychology for a degree and although I would never suggest I know lots about dogs I do have a general idea of how animals should be dealt with. I was very impressed with your approach to diets etc... It gave me great confidence to carry on how I think a dog should be treated and raw food makes perfect sense for so many reasons. Without having the time with you I would not have had the confidence to put this into practice.


Mucho thanks for inviting me to your group and I'll introduce Ozzi properly to the pack when get some good photos and he's properly settled in.


Have a fantastic Bank Holiday and thank you for helping bring a change to our family! You guys rawk and look forward to catching up again in the future


tata4now Take care xxx


Ozzie ~ 'CreamofBritish Indiana Bones'

Frankee x Dico