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Dear Debbie,


It is incredibly difficult to put into words the pure joy that young Flynn has bought Mike and I since he joined us in August.


After losing our dear little Norfolk Terrier Alfie so very suddenly in July we, including our elderly Labrador Henry were just grief stricken and at such a loss. The house was so quiet and seemed really empty and poor Henry was so lonely and depressed.


The decision to get a puppy was easy really but I am certain it was fate that lead us to your door!


So we came to visit you and fell in love with our gorgeous little merle boy.


Flynn is without doubt the most laid back puppy I have had he adores everyone that he meets young and old. Everyone remarks on his temperament and what a wonderful colour he is. He is full of fun and such a joy to have around and has bought Henry back to life with his antics!


I am a great believer in fate and am certain that when we lost Alfie he somehow sent us Flynn, daft as it seems I know.


This gorgeous boy of ours has bought back the fun and laughter to the house, he is an absolute joy to take anywhere and of course is excelling at puppy school!!


Cant thank you enough Debbie not only for Flynn but your wealth of knowledge and friendship.


Love Brenda and Mike and Flynn




Hi Debbie,                                                                               14/06/14                                                                                                                                                


William is now 1year old and we thought we would share a few pics. He is bigger than he looks on the photos as he now weighs 22 kilos. Janice and I are both very close to him and he returns our love in spades. He will now walk to heel without a lead ( not close to roads yet ) comes when he is called and will not let us out of his sight.

We are both really pleased that we got him and also very pleased we got him from you as his breeding quality is obvious.

Hope all is well with you.




David Storey


'CreamofBritish William Wallace' ~ William

Nirvana x Sassy

Hi Debbie,                                                                                                           17th November 2014                          

Sorry it’s taken so long, having too much fun enjoying my puppy. Lol. Hope you are both well, and enjoying your “pup free” time.


Here is my testimonial:-

We have had Crosby now for eight weeks and he is the most handsome chocolate merle.

In the past I have had an F1 Labradoodle and still have a six year old Goldendoodle,

bitch, and I must say Crosby is the easiest puppy so far!


He had two “accidents” in the house (not on my watch I may add), and none since, which

is amazing. As a dog trainer myself, I have found him really willing and easy to train, his

social life with other dogs, people, and loads of different places has caused him no problem

whatsoever. He is great with my other dog Cleo, and also my two grandchildren who are

ages 2 and 3years. He always stays close out on walks, but is also brilliant in his crate when being left or at night, and has been from day one.


I can honestly say the “experience” from my first contact with Debbie, through to the collection of Crosby has been amazing and I hope we will remain in touch and good friends.


Debbie and Ian’s management and upbringing of the pups in there care, and their house, is very rare these days, she treats each one as her own and clearly loves them all.


Thank you for our gorgeous new addition, we love him to bits. My husband has said more than once, that the next pup comes from CreamofBritish, and that’s without any prompting from me!!

More updates to follow


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