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Dear Debbie,                                                                                                                              02/11/2015


I hope all is well with you and your family.


I can't believe our beautiful Daisy is 2 today!  She has brought us such joy and has completely changed our lives and priorities.  We now have a small place in Cowes which we visit as frequently as we can - Daisy loves it.  She's not brave enough to swim but loves a scamper and splash in the shallow water.  Daisy is such a loving girl - she adores being the centre of attention and likes nothing more than to scamper along the esplanade stopping at each bench to receive some fuss from everyone she meets - she clearly thinks they are just waiting on the bench for her to come along!  As you can see from the photo, Daisy loves a tummy rub.  


We met another of your pups, Flo, who lives in East Cowes - her owner immediately recognised Daisy as one of your pups.  Interestingly there is also a chap who works on the chain ferry in Cowes who also recognised Daisy as being one of yours and said he had met a few of your gorgeous pups.


We are forever grateful to you for allowing us to have our gorgeous Daisy - we can't imagine life without her!


With best wishes,


Michele & Paul x

Daisy Theaker

Date: 3 September 2015 at 20:57:44 BST


Subject: Meg (Deblyn Alaya)

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Dear Debbie,



Further to our telephone conversation a couple of months ago I have finally got round to sending you some photos of our lovely labradoodle Meg.  



We got her from you as a tiny pup in June 2000 and she has now reached the grand age of 15 years old.



She is a fabulous family pet and has always had a lovely nature; she never minded when our daughter Freya climbed all over her when she was a toddler.  Meg still goes for daily walks and loves nothing more than a good play in the garden. She loves tasty snacks and can often be found in the kitchen when dinner is being prepared.  Her favourite walks are on the beach or in the woods. We are very proud to be her owners and she is still going strong!



I know you wanted some photos for your website and so I attach some of her over the last 5 years, the last one was taken only a couple of weeks ago.


With best wishes,

Maria, Chris and Freya


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