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30th May 2017

Furgus 'CreamofBritish Love In The Dark'

Dear Debbie and Ian,

So, our baby boy is now a big boy, and celebrating his 1st birthday. We cannot believe the time has gone so quickly. We were so delighted to hear that Scarlet had given birth to two black boys for us to choose from, and couldn't wait to see them. Ian sent photos when they were three weeks old- eyes closed tight! And the choice was made.

He is our third labradoodle...we have a three year old, two year old and Fuggy-as he's called. He is our first-but not last-Cream Of British... The knowledge and care you apply to your breeding is so evident in all your dogs, and puppies. It was the year before he was born that I called and spoke with Ian for over an hour. I gained more information and wisdom in that time, than the time I had already spent with my original doodle!

Furgus, is a beautiful, bold clown. He has the most amazing coat-black really is fabulous! He was the easiest puppy we've ever had...was clean really quickly, and has never been destructive! He is super bright, excellent with the children and so keen to please. Fuggy, is a credit to you both, and I can NEVER thank you enough for allowing us to be special enough, to own him. Can't wait for our next one!!!!! Debbie and Ian-really are the CREAM OF BRITISH for labradoodles.

Much love Carey, Luke and fabulous Fuggy xx







Footnote -:

Since writing this testimonial Carey & Luke have now returned to us for their second CreamofBritish puppy, 'CreamofBritish Mr Tumnus' went to live with Carey & Luke on 6th August 2017

















Barbara Margaret ~ 'CreamofBritish Krystle Carrington'

9th August 2017

Hi Debbie,

I would just like to send you an enormous thank you for the beautiful Barbara Margaret, a fantastic Slate Merle puppy from Scarlett and Dico.  You have simply been amazing, from the very first contact, welcoming us into your home full of fabulous dogs and helping us through our adventure into becoming puppy parents, you understood our pain of losing our faithful Labrador and guided us through the new reality of becoming parents again. I cannot thank you enough for that. You were also there for us every step of the way, once Barbara was concieved, born and reared and let us visit any time.

Barbara has turned into a hilarious charachter, so much fun, but with an amazingly soft and gentle temprement, credit to you I believe for handling such an fantastic group of breeding dogs. You have inspired me to follow my dreams of becoming a Groomer and am now set up as a Sole trader with my own Grooming business and working from home.  I dont think I ever would have done this had I not found you, so I guess you could say that you have changed my world, so for that I will be forever grateful.

I would not even think about another breeder, when we come to find a brother or sister for Babs.

Much Love and a gargantuan thank you from all of us

Rob Paul and Barbara xx


Barclay & Babs Dog Groomers, Ferring, Sussex





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'CreamofBritish Maggie May

8th December 2016

Dear Debbie, Thank-you so much for our wonderful Labradoodle May (dob 21.05.16)


From the moment that we met you we knew that the wellbeing of your dogs and consideration of their potential owners was of the utmost importance to you and we could see that your love for your dogs was without limit.


As a family who have never owned a dog we were made very comfortable by yourselves and welcomed into your home where we met both parents Indi & Nelson and later Meryl from their previous litter. You were very clear at all times with the information that you gave us and we were always well informed regarding progress and updates.

After meeting another breeder prior to meeting with Debbie it was apparent that CreamofBritish are certainly that and fortunately Debbie was happy with ourselves as prospective owners of one of her puppies.  


We were given a very comprehensive handover when we collected May at 7 weeks. Debbie demonstrated washing, grooming, nail clipping as well as sharing with us years of experience to give the best wellbeing to May. We followed her recommendation for Raw food and the supplier PP Raw has provided us with a great service & May with complete meals which have aided her development. We were also given a detailed handover pack with information which would guide us through the early development of May. As such we have a well behaved, loving dog that is an integral part of our family that is loved unconditionally by us.


Debbie is always available & would without hesitation give any further advice if required.


We would like to thank-you most sincerely for May, the most beautiful, loving, wonderful addition to our family and we could not imagine life without her. We look forward to meeting up with you all on a future organised walk. With all our love Sue, Andrew, Emily, Charlotte, Harry & Evie Parsons xxxxxx