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Mollie & Paul Francis   18th August 2017

Hi Debbie – I expect you have been wondering when we would surface?!  I have been meaning to write to you for a couple of days with a progress report, but Oscar Activities  put a stop to that!

In short, he is absolutely fabulous – an amazing puppy, cute in looks and pretty cute intelligence-wise – a real credit to you and Ian.   He has slept through from 10.30 p.m. to about 6.30 a.m., a real bonus, and he’s not squeaked then, it’s just that Paul felt he should get up and invite ‘hurry ups’ etc.  We have had one accident, and that was entirely our fault as Oscar went to the door which was in a similar position to yours and it didn’t register til it was too late, but we didn’t fuss, he didn’t bother and hasn’t gone back to the same spot;  each time he has performed outside, midst much congratulatory noises from us;  he seems to take it for granted and tries to nip off and carry on with whatever he was doing before interrupted!   He is very happy with his collar and Paul has taken him down to the river opposite on the lead too, with Oscar trotting along happily.  The first time he just decided to sit down, so we left it for a day as we thought we were expecting too much too soon and it was all very new to him.  On the cat front, another success for you!  We have fed them separately and tried to keep them in different areas, but of course, they had to meet head on at some time.  Oscar wasn’t bothered, didn’t chase, just turned around and went in another direction.  They met in the house later, the cat fluffed her tail up and gave him a good hiss and he just sat down.  They now walk by each other, the cat doesn’t hiss or fluff up and Oscar is totally disinterested – it’s bit soon to be over confident, but what a result!

Oscar has a pet toy rat (it looks absolutely realistic and disgusting), which he loves to bits and marches all round the place with it in his mouth, giving it a good chew, suck etc. and takes it into the garden and his crate too.  He likes the garden, specially weaving his way through the bushes, he also loved the pebbles in our French drain, but we have quickly weaned him off the desirability of these.  What he did really love was frolicking under the hose spray whilst I watered the beans and lettuces – definitely a water dog, which is great.  He didn’t bother about the thunder and lightning this afternoon, just half opened his eyes then went back to the more important stuff like sleeping.  We have the Slicker pro brush and Paul gave him a bit of a groom this afternoon, which was no problem at all and Oscar seemed to like being brushed.  We saw the vet this morning, who thought Oscar magnificent – he’s 4.2 kgs, which apparently is just right for his age, type etc.  They also recommend leaving neutering as long as possible if the dog isn’t creating a nuisance as apparently it is suggested there is a link between neutering too soon and whatever the hip problem is; I can’t remember the name.  In fact, I can hardly remember anything, I’m so tired!  How people manage when there’s only one of them to play, keep an eye etc. I don’t know – you must be superwoman and Ian superman rearing, training and nurturing your brood.

The PP Raw food turned up on Thursday, as promised, so thank you for helping with that.  We also found your notes and puppy book really helpful – we have read some sections more than once as it’s surprising what you can ‘miss’ first time around, and we both consider ourselves to be literate!

Have to tell you a funny: we all had a long play into the evening a couple of days’ ago and Paul was clearing up when it was time to come in, so he picked up stuff from outside which had been taken out by Oscar and took the outside stuff (like my backdoor gardening clogs) back to the utility room (it’s outside, adjoining the house).  Before he had got back to shut the kitchen door Oscar had taken everything back to where he had left it – he has obviously decided his new guardians have a serioius OCD and need to be re-trained.  He loves the utility room, it has the usual stuff in it, mats on the floor, made of wood with a couple of windows and the door – it also faces south, so when he wants to keep an eye on us and his belongings and have lovely natural smells about him he flops down there – it’s quite convenient for ‘hurry ups’ too!

Off to the pub tonight to show Oscar off;  I just hope it’s not too much excitement for one week, stuffed full of village folk and their assorted dogs who will all want to pet him and play with him – no doubt he will cope with all the adulation then come home to his cosy crate to sleep.

As you can tell, we find him an absolute delight and have great admiration for all you have done to get him (and his family) to this standard and just hope we can continue the good work.  We’ve made enquiries about training classes today, but hearing from others what their pups did at Oscar’s age it may be Oscar doing the training!

Oh, nearly forgot – he’s an absolute dream in the car.  Knows what it is, has a blanket on my knee and then snoozes for the journey – we haven’t gone far, it was just a familiarisation exercise, which he passed with flying colours!

Can’t wait for the weekend chapter of life with Oscar …

Will report on progress,

Thank you both so much!

Mollie and Paul

PS – yet more to tell – he successfully entertained the chimney sweep and the heating engineer earlier in the week – howzat after a couple of days in a new home?!



24th August 2017

Dear Debbie,

Re Mazie, CreamofBritish ‘Daydreamer’  born 30-05-16

Fifteen months on and we still marvel as to how lucky we are to have such a wonderful

dog as Mazie but it’s not by pure chance, it really is down to the hard work that you have

put in through the years to breed such a great strain of good natured dogs. Words cannot

describe the joy that she has bought to us and now we hope to share that joy with others as

Mazie has just passed her test to become a Pet Therapy Dog. As I mentioned to you from

when we first met, it was something that I really wanted to do having just retired but that

what was most important was that our dog would be first and foremost our pet.

If Pet Therapy worked it would be the icing on the cake, we were very lucky!

You couldn’t wish for a better dog to take on the role as she adores people as much as dogs

and will do anything for a cuddle!

Having first visited your website we wanted to get to know you and what impressed us

was that you first and foremost had your dogs welfare at heart, you are everything and

more that we ever looked for in a breeder. You were never too busy to answer my calls or pass on your wealth of information as we waited for mother nature to take it’s course. From the first time you put Mazie into my arms at four weeks old, I knew she was the one for us and we would now be lost without her.

Debbie, we will keep you updated with news and photos of her progress and thanks again for everything.

Very best wishes to you,

Vanessa and Martin   xxxxx

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