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'Rivermists Not A Patch On Me At Creamofbritish' - RETIRED

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Tinka is now retired, she has only had three litters but three very large litters of 12 - 14 puppies which takes so much out of a breeding girl, so as an ethical breeder I decided to retire her, Tinka's last litter was to Rutlands Nirvana in March 2012, only three of these pups inherited Nirvana's fabulous coat, all three went to pet homes.

Tinka has been a very important foundation girl for CreamofBritish and has never had a days ill health and she has produced pups with consistent low hips and 0 elbow scores.  

Tinka is mum to  'Creamofbritish Cochise'     'Creamofbritish Phoenix Rising'

and 'CreamofBritish Take That'       Her grand children Binky ~ 'CreamofBritish Forever In Blue Genes', Dafny and Doris are also up and coming youngsters.


Tinka is a beautiful stocky Medium girl standing at 19", she has fabulous conformation and a lovely thick coat and above all she has the sweetest temperament.


When people  visit and meet Tinka they often say "Wow look at his head" that is fine by me,  I like my girls to look masculine and a good Labradoodle should have a nice broad well defined, sculptured head, eyes should be large and round, set far apart giving a well defined stop/forehead and a wide muzzle. The ears should not be large, lie flat against the side of the head and should be level with the eyes.  


ALF4 ~ ALAEU Registered

Medium Fleece Coat ~ 19"

Prcd PRA ~ Clear

Current Clear Eye Cert.

O.F.A Hips ~ Fair

O.F.A Elbows ~ Negative For Elbow Dysplasia


 Below are photo's of some of Tinka's puppies

CreamofBritish Maximum Impact 3 australian labradoodle 6 'CreamofBritish Bog Woppit' 'CreamofBritish Suited n Booted' PC030395 boo3

                   R.i.p 'Bog Whoppit'

'CreamofBritish Doris Day' chillingnstuff 050 tinka black & white parti creamofbritish australia tinka australian labradoodle creamofbritish tinka creamofbritish australian labradoodle 2 tinka parti creamofbritish australian labradoodles 'CreamofBritish Take That' ApachE CreamofBritish Australian Labradoodle Doris Day CreamofBritish Doris Day4 Dico030813 phoenixaug20131 phoenixri