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It was always my intention to only have one litter from Daisy, we retained two fabulous girls from her litter and Daisy is now speyed.



William is owned by my friend Jackie Mc Lellan of Tora Labradoodles.

The litter were named after the characters from the childrens program In The Night Garden.                                  


                                                    Daisy lives with our friends Jan & Martin in Essex.

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'CreamofBritish Upsy Daisy'                                                                                                   'CreamofBritish Upsy Daisy'

        12 days young                                                                                                                             4 weeks young

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'CreamofBritish Pontipines' at 4 weeks  to this at 8wks and 18 lbs !! and then 14 months


                                                                       'CreamofBritish Tombliboos' at 5 weeks old

Below are some pictures of Upsy Daisy's siblings

daisyjan daisy at the beach CreamofBritish Upsy Daisy

Below at 7 months old

'CreamofBritish Upsy Daisy'

Cream Non Shedding Fleece Coat

Medium ~ 19"

Prcd PRA ~ Clear

BVA Hips ~ 6:5

BVA Elbows ~ 0

daisy2 daisybuddy daisygang daddyshome

Above The Siblings at 13 months                        and     Daisy loves her daddy Martin

       Buddy, Daisy and Otto