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The different types of Labradoodles

The ASD is just a terminology devised by RM & TP  In mid 2006, Angela and Beverley internationally trademarked the 'ASD Australian Labradoodle - standing for Australian Service Dog, which was the original purpose for which these dogs were developed. Rules were put in place so that breeders who purchased an ASD ~ like Rutlands Nirvana, could only call the offspring ASD if both parents were ASDs, so breeders like myself would return to RM & TP to purchase further breeding dogs, how ingenious. They say that their  reasons for changing the name was that many breeders in Australia & America had purchased a foundation breeding dog from RM or TP and then mated it to their own Labradoodles of Poodle x Labrador origin (Labradoodle Origins/LO) and then called the pups Australian Multi-Gen, you can do your own research.

Just because a Labradoodle comes from Australia it does not make it an Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodle, although of course it is an Australian Labradoodle, just the same as a Labradoodle bred in the UK is a UK Labradoodle (Labradoodle Origin) How confusing is that!!


For example

My friends live in Melbourne, Australia and breed Labradors, they could mate their Lab bitch to a Miniature or Standard Poodle and export the puppies to the UK as Australian Labradoodles in Miniature or Standard but of course they are merely F1 Labradoodles, no different to our own UK F1's (First Generation Labradoodle)


There are three kinds of Labradoodles,

Lab x Poodle = Labradoodle Origin (LO) generations 1-6 whichever country they were bred Uk Labradoodle or Australian Labradoodle the parent breeds are only Poodles & Labs. In the UK we refer to them as F1, F2 etc. F= Filial ( pertaining to, a generation)


pp = Poodle parent ie: LO1pp is the equivalent to an F1b in UK terms, b meaning back cross. A first generation Labradoodle mated to a Poodle.


ALF = Australian Labradoodle Foundation (An ALF is made up of at least 3 parent breeds) who originate from the founders breeding stock, therefore have the infusion of other breeds but have been carefully bred forward with other foundation stock.

If you put an Aussie to an English with a poor coat then of course you will get a varied coat in the pups, you must have a good coat to start with and only breed the best to the best, and the further the generation the more consistent the coat will be but only with careful breeding. But no it is not just about the coat, breeders also want type, the Australian Multi-Gens are un-deniably a heavier boned dog. The coat is the easiest bit to get right but it is not the most important.


Many of the Uk Labradoodles are bred from working type Labs too, so the bone is much finer, we will of course achieve the heavier bone if it is there to begin with. Uk Labradoodles who are bred from show lines will tend to be shorter and stockier, like their parent. However it is often noted when crossing two breeds that the offspring tend to be larger than both parent breeds.




The terminology Fleece Coat is another invention of RM & TP to differentiate the Australian Labradoodle from any other breed.  Excerpt from Angela Cunninghams website, it relates to Magdella born in 1994, and there was me and hundreds of others like me believing that she had been breeding Labradoodles for some 20 + years !! And don't forget Angela came first.




Types of coat

Hair Coat  ~ Feels like human hair and Sheds ~ Highly un-desirable, usually found in early generations


Wool Coat ~ Soft to the touch, Non Shedding, a correct Wool Coat is Single Coated just like a Poodle but due to the infusion of other breeds the Wool Coat Labradoodles will vary from Straight to Spiral.


Fleece Coat ~ is applied to dogs with a silky coat that falls into loose curls not resembling the tight a curl of a Poodle, although I have to tell you even Poodles coats vary, I give the terminology Fleece Coat to Labradoodles with the correct single coat.


So............Buyers Beware ! If you are interested in buying an Australian multi gen Labradoodle make sure you know where your breeder purchased their breeding stock from and make sure that they have knowledge of the breed. Talk to breeders and go and visit a breeder whom you feel comfortable with after talking on the telephone. When you visit ask to actually see the health test results, Never just assume they are done, not all breeders are honest!!


Being part of any association IS NOT a guarentee that the breeder is reputable, breeders break rules ! Go with your instincts. Whatever any association claims ie "We are governed by The International Labradoodle Association"

who is checking on these breeders?? As a potential puppy parent It is your responsibility to check them for yourselves. A reputable breeder will be proud to show you thier dogs. Whether breeders are a part of an Association or not All breeding stock must have all relevent health tests done, as a minimum requirment Hip Scores for all sizes, Elbows for Medium & Standard, All sizes Must be Optigen tested for prcd PRA ~ a dog can be a Carrier but must be bred to Clear. All sizes must havea Current Clear Eye Certificate.

YOU MUST ASK TO SEE PROOF of all health records relating to any puppies you view,




Lots of people in the UK have started breeding Labradoodles and people are buying them expecting them to look like Australian Labradoodles as they have seen them on the internet in Australia & America with their beautiful long wavy non-shedding coats but we are several generations behind in the UK and far too many people are doing it purely for monetary reasons without knowledge and understanding of health issues associated with Labradors and Poodles.  I am continually hearing sad stories of families who have brought a Labradoodle into their fold having been told by an unscrupulous breeder that their puppy is non-shedding and perfect for allergy sufferers. Allergies are far too complex to say that any one breed of dog is suitable for allergy sufferers, we do not promote our Australian Labradoodles as ideal for allergies, we also have house cats and dogs who live in the house that shed,

therefore we have difficulty in inviting allergy sufferers into our home.


We have some very nice Labradoodle Origins in the UK and some of the Australian Labradoodle breeders are introducing them into their Australian Labradoodle lines and the reputable breeders all carry out extensive health

testing prior to breeding. The UK is renowned throughout the world for having exceptional quality Labrador Retrievers, English and American Cocker Spaniels both in the show and working categories.  It is well documented that the

breeders in the Uk have been carrying out extensive health testing of these breeds for many generations, therefore introducing them into the Australian Labradoodle lines and with careful  selective breeding can only be beneficial to

the development of the breed The Australian Labradoodle. The first cross of

Australian Labradoodle to a Labradoodle Origin is called a 50/50  Only a

percentage of the puppies produced from these mating’s will have the desired

non shedding attributes of the Australian Labradoodle and a percentage will

resemble the Labradoodle Origin, however it is impossible to quantify

percentages.  Breeders should then select the puppies with the desired attributes

of the Australian Labradoodle to breed forward to further develop the breed, it will

take time and many generations until they become consistent as a breed. What

many people do not realise is that the Australian Labradoodles are also a mix of

other breeds and not just Poodles & Labradors (Labradoodle Origin) there are

only a few dog breeds in existence which have been created from the combining

of just two parent breeds.

Australian Labradoodles are in my opinion much more calmer in personality than

the Labradoodle Origin, they are also more predictable in size and also coat type

but thier coats tend to be higher maintenence if you don't have the time to devote

to coat care then perhaps you would be best to consider a Labradoodle Origin of

a low generation. Please click on the logo for the Labradoodle Rescue and read

their article about the allergy myth and have a good look at their website, the team

do a fantastic job helping Labradoodles all around the country.



Creamofbritish Florentine Pieta At Toradalriada fozziefun

   'CreamofBritish Florentine Pieta At Toradalriada'                                      'Tora's CreamofBritish Fozzie Bear'

                          Australian Labradoodle                                                                F1b Labradoodle Origin


One day she lay on an Angora hide, her coat intertwining through the silky fibers of the fleece, and from there came the term “fleece” used to describe this coat texture. It was not dog hair, but truly a fiber of exquisite texture.

Wool or Fleece Coats

Labradoodle Origins (LO) A different breed ????

"Aren't I supposed to be the one Down Under?" says Bella the Australian Labradoodle to Pippin the Labradoodle Origin

asd v LO